Cento memorie per un futuro Millennio


Il poema "Il varco" è stato inserito nell'"Antologia Multi-linguistica" che raccoglie poemi antogrammatici ispirati da Stephanus Meleagro ed esposti al museo di Palaepaphos in Cipro e su progetto di un'artista inglese di Londra, Mary Plant.

Il varco poesia contenuta in Colombe Raggomitolate è stata inserita con i poemi antogrammici da MARY PLANT nel museo di Cipro. La poesia è stata inserita nell'antologia multilinguistica di poesie esposte al MUSEO di PALAEPAPHOS IN CIPRO su iniziativa dell'artista inglese Mary Plant: "The goddess Aphrodite is the main inspiration for Mary Plant’s work. The series is concerned with exploring the worship of Aphrodite in the form of a cone Bethil and the story of her birth from the foam created by the severed genitals of Uranos, cult by his son Cronos, when they fell into the sea and her subsequent arrival in Cyprus on a shell. Her life and loves are also explored. APHRODITE’S LIBRARY is a collection of artists’ books and scrolls. The Library was begun in 1996 and is an on-going project.

The books are entirely visual. The sacred garden and the association of Aphrodite/love/fertility with flowers and fruit inspired the series of paintings APHRODITE’ GARDEN. Meleager’s Stephanos and his association of poetry with flowers was the inspiration for the creation of an alphabet based on plants, flowers and fruit."

Cento memorie per un futuro Millennio - 1999 (Periplo Edizioni)